Seltor supports Mental Health

Seltor AS marks its 84th birthday by donating kr. 84.000,- to Mental Health's black services

On the occasion of Seltor's 84th birthday, CEO Stian Råmunddal stopped by Mental Health's black services with a gift.

It's like a reverse birthday present, because it was the "birthday boy" himself who brought a gift for Mental Health's black services.
And it wasn't just any gift, but a big check for NOK 84,000.

-"This is absolutely fantastic," exclaims Aslaug Timland Dale, general manager of Mental Health's black services, clearly touched by the gift check she receives during the black services' Easter lunch at their premises in Skien just before Easter.

- That you choose to give us a gift on your birthday is a big deal.

"When Seltor turned 80, we decided to give a reverse birthday present, and Mental Health's black services received a gift of NOK 80,000," says Stian Råmunddal at the presentation ceremony. "We joked that we should follow up with NOK 1,000 for each birthday, and we have done so, with the exception of the last two years with the pandemic, which has made it somewhat more difficult. But now we're at it again.

Mental Health's response services are operated with funds from the national budget, and donations like this are very useful in the day-to-day operations.

Aslaug Timland Dale is delighted with the gift from Seltor, and says that this says something about the importance of the work done by the black services.

- Around this table are counselors who save lives every day. Who answer the phone, who chat and write messages with people who need to vent their thoughts with someone. Who have tough conversations with people in very difficult situations. These are everyday heroes!

  • You can read more about Mental Health's response services here.


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