WE build great places to work.

Seltor Gruppen AS is one of Norway's oldest construction companies and is located in Vestfold and Telemark, Buskerud and Oslo. We have the entire Eastern Norway region as our geographical catchment area, with the expertise and capacity to take responsibility for the entire construction process from idea to handover. Seltor Gruppen AS is a modern, innovative company with a turnover in 2022 of approximately NOK 1.4 billion and 160 employees divided between Seltor AS and Seltor Bolig AS.

environmental focus in all construction projects

We phase out harmful materials from the construction process and use products that are positive and sustainable for the environment. Seltor works to reduce the risk of environmentally harmful emissions and negative impacts on biodiversity by continuously risk assessing our action plans. This also includes dust and noise impacts.

The history

Råmunddal Møbelfabrikk was founded in Telemark in 1936, and was the start of Seljord's history. It eventually became both a sawmill and house production, before a production unit was established in Seljord. The current head office in Porsgrunn was established in 1983. The company's core values are defined as: Security, honesty and long-term thinking, internally referred to as TÆL.  

Quality systems

Seltor ensures quality in all work processes, from development through engineering, procurement and logistics, to execution, handover and warranty. We emphasize more than the physical quality of the final product and focus strongly on clear lines of communication and clear responsibilities with the client and subcontractors.


Safety, health and the working environment are a major focus in the company, and we impose the same strict requirements on all our subcontractors and partners. We have established a zero vision for injuries to personnel and the environment, which in practice means that health, safety and environmental work is integrated into the construction process in all areas.

Collaborative contracting

Our collaboration model is used in the early phase and involves more thorough preliminary design than traditional development agreements. We take greater responsibility for the solutions, design the details of the requirements specification and work through the progress plan, ultimately calculating a binding target price.

The Seltor group is organized under the CEO and main owner

Administrative functions are located under the Group. The three business areas are organized as separate AS. The construction business Seltor AS is in turn divided into three regions with associated regional managers.